TU Development Effectiveness Profile tool

TUDEP is a learning tool meant to support trade unions worldwide in the application of the effectiveness principles in their everyday development cooperation practice.

There is a growing recognition in and outside the trade union movement of the important role that trade unions play in development worldwide. As the scope of trade union development activities increases, a need to improve the quality and effectiveness of the work arises. TUDCN responded to this need and this is how TUDEP has come about.

The main objective of the TUDEP tool is to contribute to the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the development cooperation work of trade unions by helping partners to reflect on their practice as well as the principles and values that underpin their work. It also helps to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the progress in the use of the principles and guidelines for trade union development effectiveness.

TUDEP is based on a questionnaire that is automatically evaluated and analysed in an active excel document. It is designed as a self-assessment tool that can be used by either individual trade union actors or in a collective process of review and reflection. It is meant to be used in a proactive and interactive way, as part of an on-going process of learning and improvement. The tool can be used in all project phases - during programme design, programme implementation, and/or during monitoring and evaluation activities.

TUDEP was piloted extensively last autumn in different contexts and in different regions of the world to make sure that the tool is relevant, user-friendly, and culturally appropriate. While TUDEP was elaborated by and for trade unions, it can be used for reflection and inspiration by other development actors as well.

It has been created in frame of the Open Forum process on CSO Development Effectiveness. The methodology behind the tool was supported by the HIVA institute of the Catholic University of Leuven.

The tool is a work in progress and the TUDCN team welcomes any suggestions for improvement as well as a general feedback on its implementation.

At the beginning of 2017 a light version of the Trade Union Development Effectiveness Profile (TUDEP) was released. The TUDEP light is a shorter version of the TUDEP tool with a reduced number of questions, from 52 to 27. It allows for a good analysis of the contributions to the eight trade union development effectiveness principles.


  • Trade Union Principles and Guidelines on Development Effectiveness (EN / ES / FR)
  • TUDEP tool (EN / ES / FR)
  • TUDEP Tool Light Version (EN / ES / FR)
  • TUDEP Manual (EN / ES/ FR)
  • TUDEP in 7 slides (EN)
  • Guidance note - how to make sense of TUDEP results (EN)

For more information and support, please contact Diego López González, ITUC ([email protected]).