For Democracy

2024 is a pivotal year for democracy – 4 billion people in more than 60 countries will go to the polls.

As the largest democratic movement in the world, trade unions and working people are uniquely placed to define, defend and expand democracy, not only at the polls but equally importantly at work, in society and in global institutions. That’s why on 4 March the ITUC launched its campaign #ForDemocracy

In April, we began our first action round, focused on the fight For Democracy in Societies, where unions are defending fundamental freedoms, mobilising for elections, standing in solidarity with workers under attack, and advancing progressive tax and a new social contract in their countries.

Now, we’re launching our second round of action, focused on the fight For Democracy at Work, including the right to strike, to organise a union, and to bargain collectively. Join our global actions:

Use our regularly-updated global map to join the campaign #ForDemocracy in your country:

You can also join the fight #ForDemocracy in your country :

It’s time that our international organisations, governments and corporations work in our interests, not special interests.

Stand in solidarity with working people and stand up #ForDemocracy!

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