A New Social Contract

The global economic model has failed working people. The power and greed of huge global corporations have captured governments, which are acting against the rights and security of their own workers. In global supply chains, 94% of the global workforce is a hidden workforce where the obscurity of business contracts facilitates exploitation and oppression.

The world is three times richer than twenty years ago, yet seventy percent of people are denied universal social, protection, 84% of people say the minimum wage is not enough to live on and 81% of countries have allowed violations of the right to collectively bargain. This is inequality by design.

It’s time for a New Social Contract between workers, government and business which should include a floor of a universal labour guarantee for all workers.

Implementing a New Social Contract would make sure that rights are respected, jobs are decent with minimum living wages and collective bargaining, social protection is universal, due diligence and accountability are driving business operations, and that social dialogue ensures just transition measures for climate and technology.