Democracies for people

Trust in democracy is broken. Only 30% of the world’s people believe their voice matters.

People want their governments to rewrite economic rules to promote growth and shared prosperity. They want governments to act in the interests of people. To build democracy will require governments to reframe their approach to planning and reporting such that it ensures accountability and transparency and is based on the rule of law.

This Frontline campaign frames a set of demands on governments around what things they should publicly report on to measure progress in a frame which is broader than simply GDP. It provides the framework for argument with the International Financial Institutions as to their responsibility to help build democratic policy foundations without conditionality.

The global trade union movement’s commitment to democratic rights and freedoms means workers are on the frontlines of increasingly autocratic governments and the extreme right. Where governments repress workers’ rights, the ITUC will act. Where exploitation of workers, denial of freedom of association and collective bargaining is part of a companies’ business model, the ITUC will act.