Peace, Democracy and Rights

In many countries, democratic rights and freedoms are at risk. Unions play a key role in defending them. The ITUC Global Rights Index details a rise in the number of countries where conflict, authoritarianism and right-wing governments are destroying freedom of association, collective bargaining and the right to strike.

Through the solidarity of our affiliates, support for countries at risk is central to our work. Organising for migrant rights and the elimination of slavery in all its forms is fundamental to ensure democratic rights and freedom for all workers.

We know that peace is built on social justice and requires social protection, just wages and safe and secure work with the guarantee of fundamental rights and the rule of law. Peace, democracy and rights is a foundation for realising the Sustainable Development Goals. Labour activists are both human rights defenders and peace builders and this must be recognised. Rather than investing in social infrastructure to safeguard peace and stability – the arms race is back on and our governments are investing in war, including nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.

The ITUC Peace, Democracy and Rights pillar has the following thematic areas: Countries at Risk, Migration and Slavery, Peace and Disarmament