PowerPoint presentations from the meeting

Day 1

- PLADA - Development Platform for the Americas by Victor Báez, TUCA (in Spanish)

- The development model from a Latin American perspective: the Uruguayan case full document - PPT presentation by Daniel Olesker, Minister of Social Development, Uruguay (in Spanish)

- Challenges for the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean by Carlos Mussi, CEPAL (in Portuguese)

- Global and regional development policies: priorities, challenges and opportunities by Boris E. Utria, Country Operations Advisor for the World Bank in Brazil (in Portuguese)

- Notes from the English-speaking Working Group on the presentations

- Working Group on the Development model (in Spanish)

Day 2

- Background and challenges of the GPEDC by Gerardo Bracho, Senior Policy Advisor, seconded from the Mexican Foreign Service - Development Co-operation Directorate (OECD/DAC)

- The Private Sector and its role in Development - A trade union perspective by Pierre Habbard, TUAC

- The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda by Matt Simonds, ITUC

- Horizontal South-South Cooperation bilateral and triangular in Latin America - 2011 by Kjeld Jakobsen, TUCA (in Spanish)

- Thematic Working Groups on Private Sector, South-South cooperation, Post-2015, Mexico agenda
Spanish and Portuguese-speaking WG (in Spanish)
English-speaking WG

Day 3

- TUCDN TUCA - activities 2013 and plan of action 2014 by Giulia Massobrio, TUCA (in Spanish)