TUDCN-TUCA Regional Meeting 2019 reaffirms the importance of unions’ engagement in SDGs

The TUDCN – TUCA regional meeting took place on 18-19 March in Buenos Aires and included participants from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Venezuela. They joined staff members of both the TUCA and ITUC.

This edition of the regional meeting centred on two main objectives:

  • Exchange on the latest updates on 2030 Agenda and SDG implementation, SSTC in the current political context of the region, the role of private sector in development cooperation, as well as union participation in these processes.
  • Review the work achieved in 2018 by TUDCN-Americas and define its priorities regarding advocacy and alliances at the national, regional and international level in the next years. The whole keeping its alignment with the strategy of the PLADA (America’s Development Platform) and the resolutions from previous congresses.

The meeting included the participation of three external guests, who contributed their knowledge and expertise to the discussions.

Lais Abramo, Director of the ECLAC Unit on Social Development, talked about Latin America’s progress towards the 2030 Agenda. Her presentation included relevant macro-economic parameters that show the urgent need for Latin America to implement structural changes to be SDG consistent in terms of economic model, environmental impact and social justice.

Lais Abramo explains the central role that trade unions play to achieve the SDGs.

Hilda Sánchez, Desk Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean from ACTRAV-ILO, talked about the ongoing reform of the UN system and in which ways it impacts the labour movement. Lastly, Anita Amorim, Head for Emerging and Special Partnerships at the ILO, presented the work of the ILO concerning South-South Cooperation.

Exchange of publications between Anita Amorim (left) and Giulia Massobrio during the Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires


Mercosur and the SDGs

The participants in the Regional Meeting had the opportunity to attend an external seminar organised by the Economic Social Consultative Forum of the Mercosur in the frame of the United Nations High-level Conference on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (Buenos Aires, 20-22 March), known as the BAPA+40.

The seminar focused on the 20th anniversary of Mercosur’s Social and Labour Declaration. Speakers connected the declaration to social dialogue and development, especially SDG 1 (poverty), 4 (education), 5 (gender), 8 (decent work & sustainable growth), 10 (discrimination), 16 (peace) and 17 (partnerships).

Several members of the TUCA-TUDCN, such as Andrés Larisgoitia (CTA-Trabajadores, Argentina), Marita González (CGT, Argentina) and Gustavo García (UGT, Brasil) participated in the panels. In addition, Giulia Massobrio (TUDCN/ITUC) presented a global overview of the trade union experiences of South-South and Triangular Cooperation, on the basis of the TUDCN recent publication on the topic: "Trade Unions South-South and triangular cooperation: Our contributions to the SDGs". She also shared the ITUC key asks for BAPA+40.

Gustavo García explains how unions work within Mercosur to advocate policies framed by the SDGs.



The Regional Meeting reaffirmed the importance of trade unions’ engagement in SDGs at the national level, in spite of complex national contexts. For instance, members from Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela are currently working on their SDG country reports, for advocacy purposes vis-a-vis their government and the next ECLAC Regional Forum on SDGs .

Participants also managed to update the TUCA-TUDCN action plan for 2019, including training, advocacy, research and communication components.

This event is co-financed by the European Union