Indian workers say the Modi government must go

Indian trade unionists have come together in an unprecedented display of unity against what Narendra Modi’s government in India has done and is planning after the next general election, which will take place in the next few months.

On 8 January, 200 million workers took strike action, called by the ITUC’s affiliates in India – INTUC, HMS, SEWA and CFTUI – and other union confederations. See the ITUC OnLine at and a blog by Sharan Burrow on Equal Times for more details and thanks for sharing these broadly on social media.

International days of action

They are calling for people around the world to show solidarity, through three global days of action, by protesting at Indian embassies and high commissions on the following dates:
Thursday 21 February
• Thursday 21 March
• Thursday 18 April

For details of your local Indian embassy or high commission, see

Please find below some materials for use in public protests, such as a model flyer, the front page of which can be used as a placard, and a model letter to hand in to the ambassador or high commissioner.

Flyer - Modi Must Go
Model letter - Modi Must Go
HMS India - Workers Charter of Demands
INTUC India - Sharegraphics