Trade unions call on the UN Financing for Development Forum to finance a new social contract based on SDG 8

Trade unions present their key priorities for an SDG 8-driven recovery and sustainable development to decision makers gathering at the UN ECOSOC Financing for Development Forum (FfD) from 25 to 28 April.

As the world gathers to discuss strategic ways to finance sustainable development, trade unions pull the alarm bell in face of the worrying state of the world today, particularly of the world of work, and demand a New Social Contract to respond to six workers’ demands: (1) the creation of climate-friendly jobs with just transition; (2) a labour protection floor for all workers; (3) universal social protection; (4) minimum living wages and equal pay; (5) equality in income, gender and ethnicity; and (6) a more inclusive development system with a renewed multilateralism.

In light of this, unions call for following:

  • Investments in measures for an SDG 8-driven recovery, such as investing in decent, climate-friendly jobs, universal social protection, and minimum wages and equal pay.
  • Financing strategies to turn workers’ priorities into reality, such as meeting the ODA 0.7% commitment; tax justice; strengthened business accountability; debt relief; ambitious targets for the reallocation of special drawing rights; and a reform of the multilateral trading system.
  • Establishing a strengthened and inclusive multilateral system, which welcomes social partners on board and delivers on financing strategies to turn workers’ demands for sustainable development into reality.

Read the full statement:

Trade Union demands to the Financing for Development Forum 2022