TUDCN members met to improve trade union partnerships

The TUDCN (ITUC and TUCA) organised a seminar in San Jose, Costa Rica on 28th and 29th August 2014.

The seminar regrouped various trade unions across Central America and the Caribbean and representatives from TUCA and ITUC. TUDCN tools such as the database, the development effectiveness principles and the Development effectiveness profile were presented. Recommendations were also elaborated collectively to improve solidarity between TUDCN members in the region.

The seminar enabled to present the TUDCN projects database, a directory of trade union development projects across the globe. The database shows how trade unions are development actors. Notwithstanding, trade unions do not only undertake development projects but also cooperate politically to give more strength and reach to workers voices across the world.

The trade union development effectiveness principles were also on the seminar’s agenda. They serve as a common reference for development cooperation initiatives to enhance their impact. The participants agreed with the principles but highlighted how more focus should be placed on solidarity.

TUDCN principles are not just words. They are supplemented by the TUDEP, a learning tool meant to support trade unions worldwide in the application of the TUDCN development effectiveness principles. Participants learnt how to use it and gave feedback to improve this instrument. After a group work session, it was found that the principles of coherence and partnership were the most integrated in trade union cooperation projects.

At the end of the workshop, participants listed a set of recommendations to keep working towards more efficient solidarity projects.

You can learn more from an attendee’s perspective here (in Spanish)