Trade Union Focus on Development - Issue 90 (Mar - May 2023)

Get all caught up with the latest trends and news that show that trade unions are actors of development in their own right!

In this issue:

  • HLPF 2023: The clock is ticking for an SDG 8-driven recovery, with a gender transformative New Social Contract
  • Financing for Development: trade unions call on world leaders to finance a New Social Contract
  • TUDCN Regional Meetings in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe
  • Advocating workers’ demands at the UN Regional Fora on Sustainable Development
  • Trade union stories from Burundi, Senegal, India, and Belgium
  • Equal Times: Ten years on from Rana Plaza, how much have conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry improved?
  • Latest publications from Burkina Faso, Belgium, Colombia and ILO Actrav

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Trade union focus on development - no. 90