Post-2015: Trade Union Perspective on Means of Implementation, Accountability and Global Governance

The trade union efforts towards the Post-2015 development agenda are driven by our firm belief that sustainable development cannot be achieved without quality jobs and decent work. It builds upon the origins and purpose of the trade union movement as a whole to provide workers and their families a voice, to protect workers’ rights and to build for a fair and just world.

This TUDCN position paper states the trade union perspective on Means of Implementation (MoI), accountability and global governance.

A shorter 2-page version is available here.

Zero draft

Read the Workers and Trade Unions Major Group inputs to Zero Draft of the outcome document for the UN Summit to adopt the Post-2015 Agenda.

Reactions from national trade unions

Read the letter from the Canadian Labour Congress to the Canadian Minister of International Development stating its main priorities on Means of Implementation, Accountability and Global Governance.

Read the letter from the Trade Union Congress to the British Secretary of State for International Development.