ITUC training on setting minimum wages during times of inflation

On 7 July 2022, the ITUC organised a training on setting minimum wages during times of inflation. Over 100 trade union participants took part from around the world.

Negotiating wages during times of sharp prices increases can be challenging, as wages need to quickly adjust to the accelerating inflation in order to continue to ensure workers a decent standard of living, as well as anticipate future inflation trends. Increasing minimum wages is especially important in order to avoid further shocks on low income households, who have already been suffering the most since the outbreak of the pandemic.

During this training, participants were able to explore the main trends experienced globally in relation to inflation and wages, including minimum wages. They also discussed the drivers of inflation and the economic evidence showing that wage increases are not the key drivers of current inflation trends. Several participants also shared their concrete national experiences in negotiating increases to wages - including in Bulgaria, Nigeria, Argentina, Philippines and Ghana – and the challenges they experienced during their campaigns and negotiations, as well as the strategies used to overcome them.

You can download here the background note, agenda, and speakers’ presentations.