Seminar: Holding private sector engaged in development cooperation accountable

The ITUC and the CPDE organised a seminar on holding private sector in development accountable. The Congress of Zambian Trade Unions hosted this event, which took place on 26-27 March in Lusaka.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), along with the CSO Partnerships for Development (CPDE) organised a seminar to discuss and exchange on the role of the private sector in development programmes from a labour perspective and ways to hold the sector accountable for its activities.

The meeting also provided participants with an opportunity to learn more about the tools and actors intervening in this field, such as the different form of blended finance and the role of Development Finance Institutions.

Trade unions are not opposed to FDIs but strongly opposed to jobs that undermine SDG8 on Decent Work and safe and health conditions.

- Hilma Mote, ITUC Africa.

In addition, participants talked about the topic of foreign direct investments and their implications for labour rights – with a special focus on Chinese investments – and about the ongoing global debates on private sector’s involvement in development.

Before the conclusion, participants produced a series of conclusions that included a few reflections about ways to strengthening trade union collaboration and coordination across regions and some ideas on themes to investigate further – notably on the role of Development Finance Institutions in Africa.



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This event was co-financed by the European Union