HLPF 2021: Namibia’s unions call for a human-centred recovery to the Covid-19 crisis

Mahongora Kavihuha, General-Secretary of the Trade Union Congress of Namibia, took the floor at the session dedicated to the Voluntary National Review of the government of Namibia, which was held at the High-level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF) on Thursday 15 July.

Speaking on behalf of the Workers and Trade Unions Major Group, Mahongora Kavihuha acknowledged the progress done thus far to reduce poverty and better include stakeholders in the VNRs processes.

However, Namibia continues to face many challenges. Labour vulnerability is still very high as over half of the work force is active in the informal economy; inequalities remain very high and social coverage is very weak; and the pandemic has rendered these challenges even more difficult.

In light of this, Kavihuha conveyed a call to the government to “put in place a human-centred response to the current crisis with decent employment creation and redistributive policies at the centre”. He also stressed the need for expanding the coverage of social protection and healthcare, and for addressing climate change in the spirit of a Just Transition.

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