HLPF 2021: Chad’s trade unions call on government to invest in SDGs to improve people’s lives and ensure lasting peace

Demba Karyom, from the Union of Trade Unions of Chad, spoke during the VNR session of the government of Chad, which was held at the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development on Wednesday July 14.

Demba Karyom reminded the Forum of the state of extreme poverty of the country and its impact on a poor population that has no access to decent work or any protection. A situation, she recalled, in which "covid has also worsened poverty, social inequalities and violations of human and trade union rights".

She then underlined the fundamental role of the SDGs to achieve a recovery and resilience that contributes to strengthening the living conditions of the population and guarantees lasting peace.

Finally, she concluded her intervention with three questions to the Chadian government:

  1. How and with what means will the government put in place effective social protection and access to health care for all?
  2. How will the government ensure greater inclusion of vulnerable groups in the SDG process?
  3. What role do the SDGs have in building a democratic society?

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