Aligning blended finance to development effectiveness: where we are at

This report explores how donor countries are engaging with the private sector in the context of development cooperation.

Aligning blended finance to development - where are we at Despite much debate, it is still unclear what working with the private sectors means in the context of development cooperation and to what extent it might affect other forms of support.

With this research paper, the TUDCN-RSCD casts the light on a series of reasons against using blended finance in development, and proposes a series of recommendations to put in place serious criteria that will ensure that any private sector investment in development is in line with the development effectiveness principles.

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- This research includes extracts from the field research on blended finance conducted in Chile and the Philippines.

- Why do we need to align private sector investments in development with the SDGs SDGs The Sustainable Development Goals were one of the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference. The members States launched a new set of future international development goals, which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals and converge with the post-2015 development agenda. and how do we do that? Check our publication with our key asks on this topic.

This research paper builds on the following previous research:
- The development effectiveness of supporting the private sector with ODA funds (2016)
- Business accountability FOR development (2015)

Aligning blended finance to development - where are we at