TUDCN Partnerships Working Group Meeting

Members of the Working Group on Trade Union Partnerships and Joint Initiatives of the Trade Union Development Cooperation Network (TUDCN) came together in Brussels on 24 October 2017 to discuss its ongoing work and outline its work going forward.

Trade unions across the world participate in solidarity initiatives with each other. These initiatives are instrumental to ensuring that the wealth of experience and know-how built up by individual trade unions contribute to the global push to build workers power. They have one thing in common: they aim to reinforce the trade union movement and ultimately to improve the living conditions of working people.

The approaches of these partnerships have a broad range. They can target improvements in different aspects of the work of trade unions including their governance, organising capacity, education and training or by strengthening social dialogue and collective bargaining.

Increasing the impact of these initiatives is the aim of the TUDCN’s Partnerships Working Group. During the meeting, participants discussed ongoing efforts to boost three aspects of the partnerships work: organisational capacity, development effectiveness and exchange of information. Through this work, trade unions have set up a number of different tools. These are at various stages of development and implementation.

The TUDCN Partnerships and Joint Initiatives Working Group is open to ITUC affiliates that participate in international trade union partnerships. For more information, please contact Diego López González.

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