Trade Unions at the High Level Political Forum on 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

The High Level Political Forum (HLPF) is the annual event set up to follow-up and review the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs SDGs The Sustainable Development Goals were one of the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference. The members States launched a new set of future international development goals, which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals and converge with the post-2015 development agenda. ). It was held in the United Nations headquarters in New York from the 11th to the 20th of July 2016. A trade union delegation was present and provided updates. Read TUDCN’s Matt Simonds’ account on HLPF2016.

Trade union delegation to the HLPF High-Level Segment: From left to right: Gustavo Suárez (CUT Colombia), Davids Etyang (EATUC), Jorge Robles (UNT Mexico), Antonia Wulff (Education International), Matt Simonds (TUDCN/TUAC), Alex Nkosi (ITUC Africa), Julius Cainglet (FFW Philippines), Joan Lanfranco (TUDCN), Jiheon Lee (FKTU South Korea), Thierry Dedieu (CFDT France), Giulia Massobrio (CSA-TUCA).

The Trade Union Development Cooperation Network put together 5 steps to realising the 2030 Agenda and “leaving no one behind”.

In the build up to the HLPF, the Workers and Trade Unions Major Group highlighted the need for a concerted effort to challenge the growing inequality within and between countries. It is no coincidence that the deepening of inequality has been accompanied by the erosion of labour market institutions. A wealth of evidence demonstrates that Social Dialogue is an effective tool to tackle the problem of inequality. By institutionalising this form of multi-stakeholder dialogue, social partners help to embed an inclusive approach to societal organisation based on discourse. This has far-reaching positive consequences, not only on generating decent work (Goal 8) but also impacts directly on reducing poverty (Goal 1), ensuring the well-being of people at work (Goal 3), enshrining gender equality (Goal 5), reducing inequalities (Goal 10) and building long-lasting peaceful and just societies with strong institutions (Goal 16). To find out more, have a look at the Workers and Trade Unions submission: The 2030 Agenda: how Social Dialogue combats inequality and ensures social cohesion.

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In the second week of the HLPF, countries presented reviews of progress on the Sustainable Development Goals made in their respective national context. A total of 22 countries have volunteered to present their reviews in this first follow-up session: Sierra Leone, Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland Norway, Madagascar, Turkey, Georgia, Germany, Finland, Samoa, Montenegro, Uganda Togo, Estonia, France, Philippines, China, Egypt, Republic of Korea, Colombia, Venezuela.