Urgent support needed in the Western Balkans

The ITUC has witnessed the heavy rainfall and floods in the last couple of weeks in the Western Balkans – the highest on record in the history of the region. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and parts of Croatia have been hit the hardest by the natural disaster leaving the lives of thousands of people, their houses and communities, enterprises and infrastructure in shambles and in dire need of urgent support.

The ITUC conveys its sympathy to the families and relatives of the victims of the disaster and extends its solidarity with all citizens and trade union affiliates in the region. The ITUC hopes that the governments will act on the level of the challenge to contain the damage and provide effective support to all people in need now and in the longer-term recovery to normal life.

In addition, the ITUC appeals to its members to consider and provide any help to the stricken areas, particularly in facing the immediate necessities of people and in providing for their security in the aftermath of the tragic events.

For better targeting and ensuring the effect of the support, please contact the relevant ITUC affiliates in the countries: CATUS - [email protected]; UGS Nezavisnost [email protected]; KSBiH - [email protected]; NHS - [email protected]; UATUC - [email protected]