Unions winning pay rises

A new report from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) highlights successful union strategies for achieving minimum living wages.

Drawing on evidence from the ITUC campaign The World Needs A Pay Rise, the report looks at the tactics deployed by unions in eight countries to win and improve adequate national minimum wages.

The successful strategies outlined in the report include:

  • Public campaigns.
  • Industrial action.
  • Compiling evidence, including on the cost of living, to support their position during national wage negotiations.
  • Using international labour standards to support higher minimum wages.

The report provides practical examples of how higher minimum wages can complement and support collective bargaining on wages.

Owen Tudor, ITUC Deputy General Secretary, stressed: “This report comes at a critical time, as wages are stagnating and are not keeping pace with GDP growth or productivity, while rising inflation is dramatically eroding the real value of workers’ wages and threatening their livelihoods.

“Workers around the world deserve a pay rise, and unions around the world are at the forefront of efforts to win higher wages and better working conditions.”