Italian labour movement assists the victims of the war in Ukraine

Following the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Progetto Sud immediately began providing rapid emergency assistance on the borders between Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

Progetto Sud has been closely cooperating with UIL (Unione Italiana del Lavoro) to launch the #Ukraine #Emergency campaign to collect resources in support of the activities being carried out by Progetto Sud in response to the humanitarian emergency that is impacting Ukraine. The campaign is aimed at supporting the civilians involved.

Progetto Sud had already been carrying out various humanitarian actions to respond to the needs of refugees and displaced persons in the country and surrounding countries.

Since the beginning of the conflict and its escalation, Progetto Sud has been raising funds and providing emergency supplies and essential relief items, such as blankets, sleeping mats, medical equipment, clothes, and care and hygiene items for refugees from Ukraine, who are looking for shelter and assistance in Poland and Romania.

In Poland, Progetto Sud and its humanitarian response team has been supported by activists of the Belarusian diaspora in Italy, who are liaising with the Belarusian diaspora in Poland. Through their support, the first two tons of essential goods were delivered on 6 March to Polish organisations in Warsaw that are assessing the humanitarian needs and providing shelter and assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

One week later, Progetto Sud coordinated and completed the second shipment of aid to Baia Mare (Romania) in cooperation with the Romanian trade union Blocul National Sindical.

Thanks to the support of the support of UIL Trasporti Nazionale, another shipment of essential goods arrived at the shelters of Medyka in Poland. The delivery of humanitarian aid and essential equipment managed by Progetto Sud is continuing and more supplies are on their way to the border between Poland and Ukraine, where the organisation is closely cooperating with the Ukrainian trade unions FPSU and KVPU.

As the war goes on, the situation at the borders continues to be dramatic. Tens of thousands of women, children and elderly people cross the borders every day, often in villages and small towns where there are no adequate services to support such large numbers of people in need. Progetto Sud has established a shelter in Poland where refugees can receive information, guidance and assistance. The shelter will also provide adequate housing, giving people the opportunity to live a normal life, with dignity, and helping to reduce their vulnerability and build resilience within the community of refugees.

Due to the importance of adequate housing, Progetto Sud may also decide to support the shelter during the recovery phase as long as its maintenance will address the health, protection and livelihood needs of the affected population.