Turkish government must end confrontation and release detained unionists

Turkey’s government, facing a continuing wave of public protest which began when the authorities brutally repressed a May Day rally at Taksim Square, must end the confrontation with its own people, and release detained trade unionists, according to the ITUC and its Global Unions partners.

“The anti-union actions of the Turkish government are now spreading into a general confrontation with people who simply want the government to listen and cease repressing legitimate dissent. Prime Minister Erdogan should release the many trade unionists, journalists and others the government is holding in detention for no good reason, and open up to dialogue,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.

National trade union centres KESK and DISK have launched a general strike in response to the government’s repression. 72 KESK members have been on trial since June 2012 on manufactured charges under anti-terrorism laws

DISK has joined with the ITUC in a global campaign to press for the release of those arrested and the lifting of all bans on meetings and demonstrations.

To read Kıvanç Eliaçık of DISK in Equal Times: