Turkey: Workers Killed and Arbitrarily Detained by Turkish Security Forces

photo: Photo: Mathiew Boyer

The ITUC has strongly condemned the killing of workers and citizens by Turkish security forces.

Security forces surrounded several towns and villages in the South East of Turkey, where according to the information received by the ITUC, Mehmet Kaplan, a worker employed by the Cizre Municipality and a member of DİSK/Genel-İş Union, was shot in front of his house. About a month ago, another member of this trade union, Ramazan Uysal, was also killed and three others were arbitrarily detained. People who tried to pick the body up from the street were shot at. More than 10 people are severely injured including a journalist.

“It is the government’s primary responsibility to safeguard the lives and the physical integrity of all Turkish citizens,” said Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary. “Once again trade unionists have been killed defending workers’ rights. True justice is needed without delay,” she added.

In a letter sent to the Turkish authorities, the ITUC urged Prime Minister Davutoğlu and his government to take every step necessary to clear up the facts without delay surrounding these crimes against the trade union movement in Turkey.