Tunisia: Government bans visits from international trade unionists


The Tunisian government has banned the entry of trade unionists from at least six countries who were due in Tunisia today to show solidarity with the ITUC-affiliated UGTT at a weekend rally.

The rally is the latest in a series of initiatives protesting at the government’s disastrous economic and social policies and President Kais Saied’s autocratic power grab.

“After forcing ETUC General Secretary Esther Lynch to leave the country on 19 February, the government are now moving to further deny Tunisian workers their legitimate right to international support and solidarity. At a time when Tunisia urgently needs the support of the international community in overcoming the crisis, the government is trying to close off global cooperation with the country’s trade union movement. Our message to President Saied is clear – we will continue to stand with Tunisian workers and their struggle for justice and fundamental rights,” said ITUC Deputy general Secretary Owen Tudor who was to travel to Tunisia today along with colleagues from Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Norway, Palestine & Spain.