UNCSW52: 52nd Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women - Trade Union Statement

"Investing in Decent Work for Women"

The priority theme for the 52nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women “Financing for Gender
Equality and the Empowerment of Women” is well chosen and timely. Increasingly, financial and trade liberalization
policies driving the globalization agenda are having differential impacts on working women compared
to men. As a preparatory meeting for the Financing for Development Review Conference (Doha, 29
November to 3 December, 2008), the 52nd Session of the Commission provides an opportunity to place gender
equality and women’s empowerment at the heart of discussions on the mobilization of financial resources for
development. In turn, employment and decent work have come to be recognized within the United Nations
system as crucial components of strategies for poverty eradication. This year, the international trade union
movement wishes to urge Member Sates of the Commission to put decent work for women at the centre of
policies and programmes aimed at financing gender equality and empowering women...

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Trade Union Statement 52nd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women