Trade Union Seminar on Development Education – building global solidarity

Trade union and their partner NGO representatives from all around Europe gathered in Vienna on 5-7 November to share their experiences in development education, discuss the role of DE in the trade union movement as well as trade unions‘ contribution to the DE community. The seminar was organised by the TUDCN.

International solidarity is one of the foundamental principles of the trade union movement and building it – one of its key objectives. Trade unions carry out educational activities and campaigns in the area of decent work, gender equality, migration and many others, raising awareness both within the trade union movement and among wider public. While in some countries trade unions have been committed actors of DE for decades, the domain seems still underexplored by the movement in many others. The TUDCN has committed to further foster development education in the trade union movement as well as improve the recognition of trade unions as DE actors.

Report from the seminar as well as the TUDCN statement on the role of trade unions in development education, an outcome of the meeting, will soon be available on the ITUC website.