Trade Union Focus on Development - Issue 11

Time for reflection

During these months of May and June, the activities of the TUDCN will slow down a bit to make room for reflection and looking forward. Not only will there be the Network meeting in Helsinki, nearly entirely devoted to an in-depth look at the settings of the Network and its future, but in June we will also meet in Vancouver for the 2nd ITUC Congress.

This ITUC Congress, the first congress to take place after the founding congress in Vienna in 2006, will have to take stock of the evolutions and the progress made in the achievement of the “new internationalism” that was put forward as the overall objective of this first congress period. Reorganising international trade union action
in light of the multiple international crises is not an easy task. It was partly our mission through a shared trade union development cooperation approach to reinforce the trade union movement in its ability and its capacity to engage at national, regional and international levels on decent work, green jobs and democratic ownership of development.

In the meanwhile, the structured dialogue with the Commission is on its way with a number of “consultations” taking place through workgroups and conferences.

We will report to you on the outcomes of all these reflections in the next issues of the newsletter. We are also very much interested in reading your contributions based on your national experiences and policy evolutions.

The TUDCN team

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Newsletter 11 (April 2010)

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