The clock is ticking
for a new social contract


The clock is ticking for a New Social Contract

Covid-19 has triggered an extraordinary wave of destruction across the world of labour. Over 250 million jobs have been destroyed thus far and more than 1.6 billion informal workers are facing deprivation without any social protection to fall back on.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are relevant today more than ever. They provide the vision and show the path towards resilient economies and inclusive and just societies. Recovery measures and investments must be in line with the SDGs to be lasting.

SDG 8 is key to address the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. Through its targets on workers protection, decent work, social protection and on inclusive growth, Goal 8 drives the 2030 Agenda forward and plays a fundamental role in trade unions’ call for a New Social Contract on: (1) Jobs, creation of decent, climate-friendly jobs with Just Transition; (2) Rights for all workers; (3) Universal social protection for all; (4) Equality, end of all discriminations, and (5) Inclusion, ensuring development systems that empower developing countries.

#Timefor8. The clock is ticking for a New Social Contract.