Three Swedish confederations form Union to Union

A new development co-operation organization has seen the light of day. The new organization stems from the LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Co-operation, originally founded in the 1970’s by two out of three Swedish trade union confederations, LO and TCO. The 7th of May 2015, the third confederation, Saco, officially joined and “Union to Union” was born.

While LO is the Swedish Trade Union Confederation of blue collar workers, and TCO is the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, the new member of Union to Union, Saco, is the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations. Since employees with an academic degree are becoming more important in the labor market in many low- and middle-income countries, Saco has been eager to take a historical step to join Union to Union.

World academics are already contributing to the development and prosperity, but may do so even more if they get organized and strengthen their rights, says Göran Arrius, President of Saco.

The task of the new Swedish trade union solidarity support organization, Union to Union, will remain the same as it has previously: to coordinate the Swedish support to unions around the world via Swedish unions and the Global Union Federations.

It feels both great and important that the entire Swedish union movement now stands united in the efforts that are made to strengthen human rights at work, and to reduce poverty globally, says Kristina Henschen, Secretary General of Union to Union.

About Union to Union

Union to Union is a non-profit organization, without affiliation to political parties or religious movements. Members are the Swedish Trade Union Confederations: LO, TCO and Saco. Together they represent 3.4 million Swedish trade union members. Union to Union support 99 development cooperation projects in 82 countries. Union to Union also works with communication in Sweden, raising awareness about the trade union solidarity work and the driving forces of development.