The President of Uruguay, José Mujica, discusses with the Development Platform of the Americas

"I welcome the fact that workers can unite, I share your fight" - José Mujica, President of Uruguay

On 18th February, more than 40 representatives of TUCA-CSA met with José “Pepe” Mujica.

He expressed support for trade unions
"Take care of collective tools. Build organisations. What would the workers be without trade unions? Less than a leaf in the wind".

And for regional integration
"We need to be more internationalist but we should not waste our time. We have high level meetings, presidents making speeches on integration but the heat of urgency and the demands from the people are missing".

Trade unions were meeting in Montevideo to elaborate the Development Platform of the Americas (PLADA in Spanish).
They drew a common position, following a participative and inclusive debate, on a sustainable development model from the perspective of workers. A development model based on profound democratic principles, social justice, decent work, fair wages, education for all, environmental protection and more.