The ITUC stands in solidarity with Indonesian workers striking in defence of a minimum living wage

Indonesian unions are taking to the streets to protest Government decisions that would keep minimum wages below a level that is a basic minimum wage and would abolish the tripartite negotiations that have characterised minimum wage setting.

The intimidation of union officials and members is unacceptable with private cars damaged, the branch office of KPBI (Komite Politik Buruh Indonesia) in North Jakarta occupied by police, the central KSPI Office and all FSPMI branch offices guarded by police and other authorities and a trade unionist in East Java beaten by police.

Further the summons of Muhamad Rusdi, KSPI General secretary, as a suspect in an investigation concerning the demonstration on 30 October is a breach of fundamental rights to organise. This comes in addition to the arrest of 30 workers during that peaceful demonstration.

These and more incidents initiated by authorities must be ended.

We call on the government to stop the intimidation and the violence and negotiate a resolution to wage justice for Indonesian workers. Minimum wages are too low for Indonesian families to live with dignity and inequality is increasing. A minimum living wage is the only answer both for people and for economic demand.