Speech of Ms. Ranka Misic (KSBiH - Bosnia Herzegovina)

Dear Sisters and Brothers

I would like to greet you on behalf of the workers – Trade Union members of my country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina face in this particular moment strong consequences of poverty transformation, transition, privatization, bankruptcy as well as of a huge number of reform processes that very often discriminate basic human rights.

Unemployment rate is 42% and 40% of the workers are active in informal economy.
Struggle for decent work is ongoing even due to unfair obstructions by employers who often act not just as stakeholders but also as owners of workers. That is unacceptable.
International financial institutions that act in my country play special role when it comes to trade union struggle for decent work, respectively that every new activity they realize in same time creates new limit in the area of workers rights.

We are especially against hits on minimum guaranteed wage and find it bad, and inhuman.
The influence of financial organizations –IMF and WB is especially very painful in part where it reduces women rights – rights of mothers, directly influencing birth rate in the country. They also violate workers rights of women and youth.
Their decisions as well as their rude statements are subject of discussions within Trade Unions and we find ourselves in a period of presentation of our opinions and statements toward the Governments.

Freedom of trade union organizing and association in newly established companies, owned by people from EU, is almost forbidden or yellow Trade unions are stimulated.

Complex political and economic situation, together with everyday pressures coming from the field, create working environment for Trade unions. Therefore, we extremely respect this magnificent gathering and my colleagues and myself will take positive trade union energy with us back to our country. We are ready to play a more active role and fight against every way of discrimination and violation of workers, trade union and human rights, to stand up against inhuman and selfish globalization of capital.

Thank you for this new open page of joint Trade union history. I do believe that we will write it jointly, making workers all around the world happier.

For decent work,
for democracy,
for equal opportunities,
for gender equality
for solidarity.
All together for a better and more human world.

Ms. Ranka Misic
Confederation of Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (KSBiH)