Rio+20 Dialogues Demands Concrete Action on Creation of Green and Decent Jobs

A group representing civil society, including the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), reached on Saturday (16) three proposals to be presented before the Heads of State and Government to be included in the Rio+20 final statement.

The recommendations refer to issues relating to unemployment, decent work and migration. The initiative is part of the Sustainable Development Dialogues taking place during the United Nations Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Over 2,000 people and ten panelists participated in the debate on the future of job creation in the planet and a new development model. Through a voting system, participants supported that the creation of decent work depends on the commitment of countries to ensure workers’ participation in negotiations, improvements of working conditions and social protection.

One of the recommendations approved by the plenary stated that "governments to commit to a social protection and decent work for all by 2030, including access to health, unemployment, maternity and child protection". It also supported gender equality in the workplace, targets for green and decent jobs and a strategy for retraining the workforce.

Economist James Galbraith, professor at the University of Texas, United States, said the second resolution agreed gained wide support during the debates. "A large part of the public who attended made sure to emphasize the importance of providing education to secure jobs," he said.

The third resolution approved by the plenary supported rights for migrant workers. ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow noted that climate change will intensify migratory movements and that people who leave their countries of origin end up often facing political and economic problems.

"The first ITUC International Poll shows that workers in the world are feeling powerless and have no hope that their children will have a better future. Even in Brazil, which is against the current and collecting advances in labour relations, there is an overall concern with issues such as wages and income distribution," said Sharan Burrow, highlighting the importance of investment to secure decent work and social protection.

Unemployment, decent work and migrations - Press Conference: