IV UN-LDCs Conference Report, Istanbul 2011

TUDCN report from the CSOs Forum and the IV UN-LDCs Conference, Istanbul 7-13 May 2011.

The forum theme was “Towards a world without LDCs” and it is the first time the UN organised a Conference asking for the official presence and contribution of the Civil Society, fact that was welcomed by the CSOs.

The CSO track of the Conference was particularly rich in sessions and different issues raised and analysed. The participation from LDCs was strong, and some CSOs from ‘development partners’ countries were also present. The ITUC delegation was composed of representatives from African LDCs, including ITUC Africa, one from an Asian LDC, two staff from ITUC in Brussels, as well as 2 representatives from DISK Turkey. Most of them were engaged with CSO activities, while some of them dedicated most of their time in engaging with government and coordinating action with other CSOs and the UN-Non-governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS).

IV UN-LDCs Conference Istanbul 2011 - report summary
IV UN-LDCs Conference Istanbul 2011 - full report