Progress of the action plan “… And now the people of Haiti! “

This action plan forms part of the implementation of the trade union roadmap for the reconstruction and development of Haiti adopted during the trade union summit in Santo Domingo on the 9 April 2010.

The roadmap has 3 main chapters: a) decent work; b) justice, human and trade union rights, c) social protection including for migrant workers. It also addresses the rebuilding of the trade union movement in Haiti.
The programme is financed by several SSOs (TUC UK, ISI Italie: the Italian trade union development cooperation institute) in response to a call for solidarity from the TUCA and the ITUC and publicised on several occasions through the DCE/TUCDN network.

Despite the challenges faced, many positive results have been achieved:
• Large-scale mobilisations on the 8th of March and 1st of May
• Unity of action between the trade union women’s committees
• The launch in April of an organising programme – 240 people, with priority given to young people and women, will be trained and operational by the end of 2013, leading to a substantial increase in trade union density
• Work to reform the labour code is being finalised, with excellent inter-trade union cooperation
• Advances in organising in the export processing zones

-  View the video of the 1st of May group mobilisation at:

-  Join the Facebook group “Ayisien Anavan” (open to all interested individuals). The photos of the different activities carried out are available here.

For additional information, please contact the ITUC/TUCA programme coordinator in Haiti, Kattia Paredes Moreno