Play Fair 2008 - Clearing the Hurdles

Steps to Improving Wages and Working Conditions in the Global Sportswear Industry

The 2008 Beijing Olympics represents a golden opportunity
for the brand-conscious sportswear industry to associate its
products with the cherished Olympic brand. For a costly, but
manageable sponsorship or licensing fee, a sportswear company
can infuse its athletic shoes and clothes with the lofty
Olympic ideals of fair play, perseverance and, most importantly,

What Play Fair researchers found:

Based on interviews with over 320 sportswear workers in
China, India, Thailand and Indonesia, as well as reviews of
company and industry profiles, published and unpublished
reports, newspaper articles, web sites, and factory advertisements
Play Fair researchers found that substantial violations
of worker rights are still the norm for workers in the sportswear

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PF 2008 - Clearing the hurdles

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