Myanmar: Second anniversary of military coup

Today marks the second anniversary of the murderous coup by the Myanmar military, which has killed nearly 3,000 people including dozens of children.

In a statement released yesterday, the Council of Global Unions has called for renewed global efforts to restore democracy and for official recognition of Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG). Following the vicious military coup, the NUG was formed by members of Myanmar’s elected government to coordinate international opposition to the military coup.

The brutal repression carried out by the junta since the coup has included the killing and the arbitrary detention of trade union representatives, as highlighted in last year’s ITUC Global Rights Index.

Along with economic and diplomatic pressure on the junta itself, a key focus must be placed on the involvement of global multinational companies that continue to do business with the junta, including through supply chain inputs that feed the military’s domestic arms industry.

“This corrupt and brutal junta must feel the full weight of international pressure. The people of Myanmar need international solidarity, and the ITUC and the entire global trade union movement will continue to stand with them and their national trade union centre, the CTUM,” said ITUC Deputy General Secretary Owen Tudor.

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