Myanmar: restore democracy one year after the coup

photo: AFP

One year ago, 1 February 2021, democracy in Myanmar was violently crushed by a military coup.

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said: “We will not rest until power is returned to the people in Myanmar, and we must use this anniversary to renew our demand for justice.

“The news coming out of Myanmar in the last year has been horrific. The people of Myanmar have paid a heavy price at the hands of these violent generals.”

Sharan Burrow added: “There’s no excuse for anyone who does business with this regime, and there’s no excuse for backing the bloodshed with weapons. That’s why we are calling on the UN Security Council to enforce an arms embargo on Myanmar and enforce the General Assembly’s resolution 75/287 with the member states.

“And there’s no reason not to join us in taking action to support the democracy defenders of Myanmar. Please consider giving to the strike fund. The money goes directly to the workers, trade unionists and their families who have lost their income because of their work to defend democracy in Myanmar.”

  • Donate to the strike fund to support the democracy defenders.
  • Put pressure on your government to step up economic sanctions and on any company or government doing business with the military junta to cut all ties.
  • Lobby your government and politicians to officially recognise the National Unity Government of Myanmar.