Myanmar: ITUC condemns “pure evil and butchery” of military regime

photo: AFP

The ITUC has written to the UN Secretary General to call for urgent action after a horrific escalation of violence by the military regime in Myanmar.

There are credible reports of atrocities in several towns and villages as the regime rolls out a systematic policy of murder and terror against all suspected opponents.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC general secretary, said: “This behaviour is nothing short of butchery and exposes the pure evil of the military leaders. The UN must do all it can now to step in and halt this horrific violence.

“And the governments, organisations and companies that keep talking a good game about taking action to restrain the regime need to step up and do more because it’s not working.

“It is deeply disturbing that some UN agencies, funds and programmes are cooperating with this illegal regime. This lends it legitimacy, and the international community has failed to deliver on the effective implementation of UN economic sanctions. They should have nothing to do with the junta and they must sever any ties they have, even more so since the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Food Programme have been blocked from providing vital humanitarian aid.

“Maximum pressure needs to be exerted on the junta, to step aside and end the people’s suffering. Anyone who maintains ties should be ashamed for backing, supporting and collaborating with murderers.”

“While we welcome the decision of the UN General Assembly to postpone a decision on the accreditation of the junta, it is now urgent that the National Unity Government be recognised as the only legitimate representative. Recent events demonstrate that the military junta in no way upholds or accepts the obligations in the UN Charter,” Said Burrow.

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