Myanmar: Action for the National Unity Government

photo: AFP

To mark the International Day of Democracy the Global Unions are stepping up their campaign in support of democracy in Myanmar.

On 1 February, the military seized power. More than 1,000 peaceful, pro-democracy protesters have been killed, and more than 7,000 have been arrested, detained and sentenced since the coup started.

In a statement the Global Unions are calling for recognition of the National Unity Government (NUG) at the current 76th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) and:

  • rejection of the credentials of the military State Administration Council in all UN functions, along with severance of diplomatic ties;
  • an arms embargo on Myanmar;
  • an end to direct or indirect business, commercial, or financial ties to the Myanmar military regime; and
  • ensuring that all humanitarian and other assistance goes through the NUG.

A LabourStart campaign has been launched for people to show their support for the Global Unions action.

Global Day of Action for Myanmar - 15 September 2021
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ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow said: “We call on all affiliates worldwide to support this day of action for Myanmar. Lobby your government to publicly support the NUG, and expose the companies that still do business with the military regime.

“We stand with the people of Myanmar in their efforts to restore democracy. We express our strongest solidarity with the working people who have sacrificed their lives, freedom and jobs to persist in the Civil Disobedience Movement that is hurting the economic activities of the regime.”


Sharan Burrow and representatives from ITUC Belgian affiliates delivered a letter to the CEO of payments clearing house SWIFT, at the SWIFT headquarters near Brussels, calling on them to cease business dealings with any entities that have commercial ties with the military junta.

To support the workers and families in Myanmar who have lost their livelihoods due to strikes or other protest actions, please show your solidarity and donate through the ITUC Myanmar strike fund here and promote it on your social networks.

ITUC calls on SWIFT about Myanmar
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