Morocco: CDT action - Sit-ins all accross the country

Following the decision of the ITUC’s General Council to declare 18 February 2015, a Global Action Day to defend the Right to Strike, the CDT (Democratic Confederation of Labour) in Morocco has decided to join the Action "HANDS OFF OUR RIGHT TO STRIKE" by organizing sit-ins all along the country in front of the regional Unions offices. Those sit-ins were a great occasion to express our deep concern about the restrictions imposed by the Moroccan government on the right to strike, and our refusal of any deductions from the strikers’ salaries. All the labour union local and regional representatives were present starting from 5:00 p.m. in front of the local Unions headquarters. This was also the case in Meknes , where hundreds of members and representatives have met and started shouting slogans that are all condemning the government abuse against those who participate in strikes, and all were furious and agree that it’s high time employers in Morocco take their Hands Off our Right To strike.