Mongolia’s tripartite agreement paves the way for ratification of a series of ILO Conventions

the National Tripartite Agreement on labor and social consensus is welcomed by the CMTU because it will “promote social partnership and enhance standards set by law through collective bargaining”. The agreement opens for the potential ratification of C190, C95 and C153.

By Namuun Tsendjav, Specialist at International Relations’ Department of CMTU

Since 2000, the National Tripartite Agreement on labor and social consensus has been concluded between the national constituents such as the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union (CMTU), and the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) once every two years.

On May 28, 2021, the National Tripartite Agreement on Labour and Social Consensus for 2021-2022 was signed by A.Ariunzaya, Minister of Labour and Social Protection, on behalf of the Government, Kh. Amgalanbaatar, President of the CMTU, on behalf of employees, and Kh.Ganbaatar, Vice President and Executive Director of the MONEF, on behalf of employers.

Within the framework of this agreement, 74 proposals were submitted by the CMTU and 17 proposals from the MONEF, for a total of 91 proposals. According to the agreement, as part of the government’s action plan to increase incomes, salaries, pensions and benefits will be increased in line with inflation from 2022 under a tripartite national agreement on labor and social consensus.

The national agreement also provided for the study of possible ratification of ILO Convention No. 190 on Violence and Harassment in the world of work, Convention No. 95 on the Protection of the Wages, and Convention No. 153 on Hours of Work and Rest Periods (Road Transport).

Further, the participation of social parties in improving the legal environment for labor and social protection, maintaining social stability, supporting employment and increasing incomes, ensuring wages and social security, improving labor relations and social protection, and developing social partnership is significant. In order to promote social dialogue mechanism of labor and social consensus, a new section on "Social Partnership" has been added to the revised draft of the Labor Law, which defines the concept, principles, level, form of implementation, and mandate of social partnership management.

CMTU believes that the agreement will enable the government to promote social partnership and enhance standards set by law through collective bargaining between employers and trade unions.