Message of Solidarity to ITUC Nigerian affiliates

The ITUC condemns the horrendous slaughter of 2,000 innocent people by the Boko Haram fundamentalist insurgent group, the latest in a long series of atrocities including last weekend’s bomb attacks on marketplaces. We express our deepest condolences to all those affected.

We fully support the positions taken by the NLC and TUC in calling for determined action to end the insurgency and ensure respect for human life and Nigeria’s territorial integrity in the face of Boko Haram’s violent campaign. We join you in lamenting the failure of the November peace talks, which had also brought the hope that the more than 200 girls kidnapped last year, and others held by Boko Haram, could be re-united with their families.

The ITUC conveys its fullest solidarity with our Nigerian affiliates in this difficult time.
We also wish to express our support for your struggle for decent employment, including fair incomes and retaining the minimum wage, which has come under attack from conservative elements in Nigeria. Respect for workers’ rights and social and economic justice are vital in underpinning an inclusive society and defeating extremism in all its forms.