Let the peoples decide their future!

In May 2014, PLADA, the Development Platform of the Americas was created in Santiago de Chile.

With this platform, the trade union movement of the Americas is launching a new cycle of social and political initiatives, the goal of which is to advance towards social wellbeing with environmental sustainability and the expansion of participatory democracy, and respond to the unprecedented challenges of the singular times our region is experiencing.

Neoliberalism, large multinational corporations and international financial capital put the world on the brink of economic and environmental catastrophe, and workers on the brink of social hardship. Our peoples have responded with enduring resistance and then, even in that highly adverse economic context, have been electing post-neoliberal proposals.

The PLADA starts here, where the struggle of the working class becomes a tool of continental unionism to advance towards the definitive conquest of a new model of sustainable development. The key to victory lies in broadening and strengthening democracy, overcoming the blackmail of corporations and markets.

For more information, please consult the document below:

Let the peoples decide their future!