Legal and Human and Trade Union Rights

The ITUC Legal Unit provides legal guidance and support to the ITUC and its affiliated organisations. It leads the ITUC work on engagement with the ILO’s supervisory mechanisms, including the various complaints procedures, as well as legal and policy matters related to international labour standards. The Unit is responsible for supporting hearings and litigation in regional and national courts. It also serves as a knowledge centre on labour law and business and human rights and advises affiliates on labour law reforms. It is also responsible for the ITUC Survey on Trade Union Rights and Global Rights Index.

Together with its affiliates, its regional organisations, the Global Union Federations, as well as with non-governmental organisations, the ITUC carries out ongoing campaign action for the universal respect of trade union rights, as guaranteed by the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The ITUC defends trade unionists whenever their fundamental human rights are violated as a result of their trade union activities. It also takes action against other labour rights violations, and other violations of human rights especially where these affect working people.