L20 Trade union Statement to the G20 Finance and Labour Ministers’ joint meeting

The L2O has released its Statement for the G20 Labour and Finance Ministers Meeting that can be downloaded here. The Statement, which has been prepared by the ITUC and TUAC, sets out proposals for job creation and growth measures, labour market and youth programmes, inclusive growth, quality jobs in small and medium-sized Enterprises, and discusses past G20 commitments and future perspectives.

G20 countries face a jobs emergency and a crisis of confidence. They must strive for a renewed momentum for economic leadership and show that they are prepared to deliver on past and future commitments. The L20 have called consistently for G20 governments to make employment central to their recovery strategies, and to strengthen labour market institutions in order to achieve a fair income distribution and to create green, sustainable jobs through smart investments. The decision of the Russian G20 Presidency to hold the first joint meeting of Labour and Employment and Finance Ministers provides an opportunity to re-launch a Jobs Plan for the G20 economies.

The Statement will be officially presented during the L20 Meeting on July 17 in Moscow, while its recommendations will be discussed at the consultations with G20 Labour and Employment Ministers on July 18.

L20 Trade union Statement to the G20 Finance and Labour Ministers’ joint meeting, Moscow, 18-19 July 2013