L20 Summit 2015 - Unions to call for priority actions in Antalya ahead of the G20 Leaders’ meeting

To ensure that the concerns of workers are heard, the L20 is organising its own Summit on 13-14 November in Antalya on the eve of the G20 Leaders’ Meeting.

The L20 Priorities (download the full version here) address the falling growth rates and high wage disparities, the persistent global jobs gap and 73.3 million young people unemployed worldwide, low investment levels, as well as the great challenges of climate change, the refugee crisis and the need to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. The main message is that the G20 has to assume its leadership role now.

The G20 Summit in Antalya must become a catalyst for action. The G20 unites the major world economies and has the power to take collective action to kick start the global economy and have a positive impact on citizens worldwide. To do so, implementation of commitments and action plans and policy coherence going forward is essential. The same applies to ensuring that the voice of workers and social partners at large is fully integrated in all G20 processes. The L20 calls on G20 governments to act on the following recommendations so as to move policies in a social and sustainable direction on:

  • Inclusive and Job-Rich Growth
  • Responsible Investment
  • Implementation of the G20-OECD BEPS Action Plan
  • G20 contributions to the COP21 and tackling climate change
  • Inclusive Development and Safe Workplaces
  • the Refugee Crisis

The L20 Summit will provide the opportunity for trade union representatives from G20 countries to exchange on their views on the Turkish presidency, the effects of G20 actions on the national level and priorities for the G20 in China next year (download the full agenda here). Representatives from the Turkish government, international organisations – including the ILO, the OECD and the World Bank, the B20 and C20 and other experts will attend the second day of the Summit to exchange views with L20 representatives. The following themes will be specifically addressed during the meeting and supported by the presentation of recent report findings:

  • Evaluation of G20 action plans and future priorities
  • Using evidence to bargain for a minimum wage
  • Taming corporate power in supply chains
  • Climate, Just Transition and Industrial Transformation
  • Investing in the ‘Care Economy’ and the 25 by 25 target
  • Why the Global Refugee Crisis is a G20 Issue
  • Inequality and income share
  • Quality jobs worldwide

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