Korea continuing to violate the right to organise and collective bargaining

In its latest report to the World Trade Organisation’s periodic Trade Policy Review, the International Trade Union Confederation condemns the vicious violations of the right to organise and the freedom of assembly in South Korea.

The report finds that Korean national laws do not match international core labour standards. The authorities have repeatedly interfered with trade union activities and routinely arrest and convict union members for organising or participating in collective action. Police violence against protestors remains a problem. Moreover, employers make frequent use of anti-union practices including intimidation, threats and workplace damage claims.

The ITUC report also finds that women face a considerable wage gap and tend to be concentrated in low-skilled and low-paid positions.

The current employment permit system also puts foreign workers in a particularly vulnerable situation, rendering them easy victims of abuse and exploitation. The authorities have often deported migrant workers seeking to organise into unions.

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