‘Jobs Wanted’ – young workers deliver message to Mexico’s Secretary of Labour and G20 Labour Ministers

Young workers from G20 countries including Mexico, Canada, USA delivered a ‘Jobs Wanted’ message to Rosalinda Vélez Juárez Secretary of Labour and Social Prevention, Mexico, calling on the Secretary of Labour to take their message to G20 Labour Ministers meeting in Guadalajara.

“42 million young people will be looking for work each year for the next ten years.

“Secretary Velez is in a unique position to represent the needs of millions of young people world-wide to G20 Labour Ministers.

“Supporting decent jobs, with young people being paid the rate for the job, training levies and apprenticeships will help young people find a job, leave home and start a family,” said Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation.

Rosalinda Vélez Juárez Secretary of Labour and Social Prevention, Mexico and Angel Gurría, former Mexican Finance Minister and Secretary-General of the OECD addressed the Labour 20 trade union representatives in Guadalajara 16 May.

The Labour 20 was formed when the G20 formally invited trade unions to work with the G20 to provide direction on creating decent jobs with social protection. The L20 is a permanent group convened under the umbrella of the G20.

The Labour 20 is promoting actions and policies in the five areas to assist working people and the global economy:
- Decent jobs and quality employment
- Youth employment
- Green jobs
- Social protection floor
- Labour rights